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The First Step: Okay, so you want to become a Water Warrior… well at this very moment your Water Warrior Pack should be landing in your email inbox. But before you race over there and grab it there is one small thing you need to do here. The first step to becoming a Water Warrior is to share the Exercise For A Cause video with other Personal Trainers you know. The more Personal Trainers you tell the more the cause is helped, (plus there are going to be some great bonuses for those PT’s who spread it to the most, trust me :) )


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We gain more momentum and more meaning with every new personal trainer you tell about Exercise For A Cause. To keep this momentum going we rely on you, our founding personal trainers, to spread the message around the globe. The more personal trainers you tell the more lives we can change, both in the clients of personal trainers and the lives that our donations directly benefit. With the co-operation of personal trainers around the world a little can add up to a lot! Lets work together.