Take photos of your Water Warrior event and post them to the website

Take photos of your personal training clients (and you too), performing a Water Warrior workout or simply lifting something that is 40lbs (about 20kgs).

Make sure you have your clients permission to photograph them during your session and be sure to ask them if you can put them on the exercise for a cause website.



Once you have the photos of your water warrior event, posting them to the Exercise for a Cause website is as simple as sending an email.


1. Attach up to 4 photos to a new email.

2. In the subject line put “Your Name – and a short title”

3. In the body of the email tell us what event or water event you decided to host and the fun you had doing it. Let us know how much you raised also.

4. Send your email to sent07quip2blog@photos.flickr.com


Note: please do not attach more that 4 photos to your email. Each photo creates a separate blog post on the website with the same description and too much repetition sucks. If you want to upload more photos feel free to add them to the Exercise for a Cause Flickr group by emailing them to sent07quip@photos.flickr.com <—- You can upload as many photos to this address as you like.


Your email should look something like this;


Once you send your email (don’t forget to attach the photo’s) we will automatically add your photos to the Exercise for a Cause Flickr photo group and automatically create a blog post on exerciseforacause.org


It will look like this;